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What color to choose?

Let's find out which color is best for you? 

The choice of lingerie color should be taken very seriously.
 Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the main "running" colors in lingerie
 are white, black and flesh. According to experts, black and white colors look
 to everyone. Because white is a neutral color, it is perfect for any other color.
In addition, it is suitable for women of all ages. And black in lingerie is
 already classic. Black lingerie is traditionally considered the sexiest, 
if it is still trimmed with expensive lace. The body color of the lingerie is quite
 practical, and is enjoyed by restrained and practical women.
If you choose the colors of lingerie, you can use the following tips:
for girls with tanned skin bright colors: bright pink, purple, the color 
of the sea wave, red, yellow. , powder, peach.
According to the poll, men are most in love when a woman is wearing red underwear.
 So, when you want to win a man, wear red lingerie. Sensual and temperamental women 
wear pink lingerie - so men think. Currently, there is a fairly large selection of 
lingerie of all colors and models. Which one to choose is a matter of your taste. 
The main thing is to make you comfortable in your underwear and make you feel like
 a real woman!


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