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How to choose the right lingerie

Of course, when we go to a lingerie store to choose something interesting,
 we see a variety of lace, silk, satin.Our head is spinning. However, first of all,
 the linen should still be comfortable, it should not rub. We should feel 
comfortable in it. Therefore, linen made of natural fabrics occupies the first place. Since in cotton fabrics the skin breathes, reducing the likelihood of various inflammations, diseases and irritations.
When choosing a lingerie, you should decide whether it is comfortable or not tight, 
there should be no ugly folds on your body. should protrude from under clothing. 
Therefore, it would be advisable to buy seamless lingerie.
The main reason for the success is the lingerie that has been customized to 
your size (size). You should always know the correct sizes of the top and bottom 
of your kit. Take a centimeter tape and measure the volume below the chest and the
 volume of the thighs. The size charts may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
 So ask a linen consultant to help you with your choices.
Keep in mind that each set of underwear has its own shelf life.
 In order for your linen to last longer, you should take good care of it: 
wash in delicate washing or with your hands, air dry, and not in a washing 
machine (because machine drying will damage the linen).


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