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How to choose the right pajamas for your baby

Well, here comes the autumn cold. And soon the New Year holidays. 
When it is cold, many of us parents begin to think: how to choose 
the right pajamas for your baby?
First of all, it should be remembered that in toddlers,
 the mechanism of heat transfer ends very late, the children freeze 
quickly and easily overheat. In addition, the child's nervous system is 
only developing, so it is difficult for children to calm down quickly before bed.
So, how to choose the right pajamas for the baby? Given that it is harder
 for children than we, adults, to tolerate cold and heat, they need to have 
at least 2 sets of pajamas: for cold and warm seasons. trousers and long-sleeved 
T-shirt, made of bamboo or warm cotton knitwear. The fabric must be natural.
And the seams should be thin and soft so as not to rub your baby's delicate skin. 
For summer pajamas, a T-shirt and shorts of high quality natural fabric will be 
the ideal option. What should be the pattern on the pajamas? Light monochrome 
fabric with not very bright prints is best. This is especially important for 
toddlers suffering from sleep disorders. What size should pajamas be? All
 manufacturers are focused on 2 dimensions: height and volume of the chest.
And another tip: size is better to take exactly the measures, because the
baby will be awkward to sleep in too big pajamas. So, come in Lublyana for 
good pajamas. After all, we have qualitatively, pleasantly, honestly. 
Make a good gift for yourself with your kids for the New Year!


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