What pajamas to choose for your beloved baby?

Our children are our happiness, joy, our future, the most precious that we have. 
Therefore, their health and happiness is the most important thing for us parents. 
With the advent of the cold season, for us parents, the issue of choosing pajamas 
becomes relevant. Which one to choose? At a minimum, children's pajamas should be: 
breathable, absorb moisture well, be pleasant to the touch, soft, be made from 
natural fabrics, and be wear-resistant.
An ideal solution for children's pajamas will be pajamas made of natural cotton, 
chintz, batiste, knitwear. Such fabrics do not wrinkle; they are very easy to 
wash and iron. And the baby in this pajamas is warm, cozy and comfortable. 
When choosing pajamas for the child, be sure to make sure that she does not 
tightly hug his body, that she does not sting or rub anywhere. 

Otherwise, he will be uncomfortable. It is better to choose pajamas of light
 pastel shades, with calm prints, so that the child can be laid to sleep calmly,
 and nothing will distract him.
When buying children's pajamas, pay attention to the quality of the seams. 
They should be thin, neat so as not to irritate the skin of your beloved baby. 
And remember: happy parents have happy children! I wish you happiness!

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