Мітки: lace lingerie

  • How many sets of underwear should a woman have?

    Girls, what do you think, how much linen should we have at least in order for us to be satisfied? Many of us, unfortunately, almost always fill our underwear with holes. To avoid this, it would be nice to have at least 5-7 sets of good linen in our wardrobe. Of these, 3-4 bras for
  • DSC 8016 870x696 - How to choose linen for clothes (what to wear)

    How to choose linen for clothes (what to wear)

    How to choose underwear for clothes Girls, do you know how to choose the right underwear for clothes? Let’s understand. Let’s talk about this in detail. After all, it’s important not only to be able to choose the right underwear, but you also need to wear it correctly. Have you ever noticed this: a bra
  • 3035 1 870x696 - What color to choose?

    What color to choose?

    Let's find out which color is best for you? The choice of lingerie color should be taken very seriously. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the main "running" colors in lingerie are white, black and flesh. According to experts, black and white colors look to everyone. Because white is a neutral color, it is
  • silk 870x696 - What and what we sew

    What and what we sew

    We want to tell you a little what kind of linen and from what types of fabrics we sew. We think it will be interesting and useful for you to find out about this. Let's move from simple to complex. Let's talk about home clothes. These include pajamas, bathrobes, knitted sets. Let's start with the