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What to use when sewing bras

Today we want to open the curtain a little and tell you what materials
 and accessories are used in sewing bras. Let's start. Let's start with network 
bracelets. First of all, they need elastic lace, it is desirable that it is well
 stretched and not rigid. Also use a strap for straps, trim rubber. For the sake
 of convenience, thin cotton knitwear can be applied under the lace, then you will
 definitely not feel discomfort. Rings and regulators are also an integral part
 of every bracelet. Threads need thin, because the lace is delicate and thin.
Frame bras in sewing are more complex than bracelets, because 
it takes more time and materials to sew them. The fabric is used both synthetic
 and natural (cotton knitwear). Or combine with one another. Synthetic materials
 are not very convenient. They can rub your fragile skin, do not pass moisture.
 For sewing cups in such bras use foam rubber, foam cups, frames. It is very
 important that these materials are of high quality, as it will depend on whether 
you are comfortable with the finished product.
All bras require adjusters, fasteners, rings, mesh to keep the fabric from 
stretching, shoulder straps, tunnel braids, and trimmings: beads, satin bows, 
and more. The larger the breast size, the wider the clasp and straps should be.
 You can use shoulder straps. Some manufacturers use silicone bra straps to make 
bras. It helps to hold the bra on your chest. These models are convenient if
 the bra with removable straps. 
Well, this is short about bras.

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