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How to choose the perfect bra for you

Let's figure out, first of all, why we need him - such a perfect bra?
 First of all, it is necessary to prevent the chest from wobbling when you
 make active movements; it helps to keep the posture, and even slender! It also 
solves some problems: if you do not have a breast at all, then with the help of 
a push-up you can "buy" it, "style" the breast under the desired style of clothing,
 as well as emphasize with the help of some models of bras its natural shape.
What can happen if we pick up the wrong bra? First, at least you will feel 
discomfort. And it certainly will not improve your mood. Second, 
an incorrectly matched bra can distort your breast shape. The material that 
your bra is made of is of great importance. It must be shaped, breathable, elastic.
Certainly, some places in the bra must contain synthetics to avoid unnecessary 
stretching of the product itself. It is important to pay close attention to the 
cups in the bra. If these are thin cups, then they will hold their shape at the 
expense of a tight stitch at the point where the parts meet. If it is a seamless 
soft cup with thick walls, it will very well support your breasts and give it a 
natural shape.
If you have the right cup, you are comfortable, easy to breathe, and beautiful 
in the bra. A properly matched cup fits snugly against the breast and lifts it 
higher. If the cups are small or not properly matched, the breast protrudes from 
the sides. How to know the size of the cup? To do this, take a centimeter tape, 
measure the girth of the breast at the most protruding points, then measure the
 girth under the breast. From the first value, subtract the last, the difference
 will be the size of your cup.
When choosing a bra, pay special attention to the straps. 
If you have a large breast, you will need wide shoulder straps that will 
support the breast well. And the smaller you compensate for the special tab
 for the cup. And most importantly - never be afraid to experiment, as well
 as ask for help from consultants! Come to Lublyana, sew us your underwear 
of your dreams!

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