How to pick the perfect shorts

To be irreplaceable, you have to change all the time.
Coco Chanel

How to find the perfect pantsDear girls, what kind of 
pants do you prefer? And does each of you know the exact size of 
your underpants? Let me remind you how to know your size. 
So, let's take a centimeter tape, measure the girth of our hips at 
the most convex points. It happened? The size chart is given below.

83-87 88-92 93-97 98-102 103-107 108-112 113-117 118-122
Does the result match your ideas about the size of your pants? 
Now let's talk about which fabric is best to choose from pants. 
Of course, from the natural. This is usually cotton or silk, 
with a small addition of elastane or lycra (5-10%), you can also pick up
 bamboo fabric pants. It is important that the underwear is not then rubbed, 
does not bring you in any way discomfort. Such underwear is comfortable and
 long to wear.
Which panty model will you pick for yourself? Here everything will depend on 
the type of your figure. Slim If you are a slender woman of medium height, 
you will fit any model of all possible. Low and thin If you are of low height, 
also thin, do not buy shorts, they will visually shorten legs. tall woman,
 we advise you to give up panties with a cut too much. Narrow hipsIf you have 
narrow hips or a teenage figure, you will be ideally suited to a low-fitting bikini
 with a voluminous lace horizontal belt and V-shaped panties lace.
Wide Thighs If you have wide thighs, then swim shorts and shorts made
 of elastic plain fabric will help visually hide extra inches on the buttocks. 
Side inserts are welcome (if lingerie is lace, then inserts are of dense material,
 if linen is of material, then insertions are lace). .Full Very full women will 
fit maxi panties.


Problem figureIf you have a problem figure, then it is advisable to
 avoid panties with low waistline, mini panties. Ideal: shorts - shorts, 
shorts, briefs, maxi panties, midi pants. Good underwear will be indispensable 
for women with a problematic figure. But keep in mind that such underwear is not 
intended for everyday wear, and in general, no matter what your figure, you just 
need to have some beautiful, openwork panties in the wardrobe. The main thing is
 that they sit on you perfectly.
When buying pants, they must be tried, but not on the naked body. 
You should be comfortable and comfortable in your underwear. After buying 
the underwear, you must wash it once before wearing. If you can't buy anything, 
contact us - and we'll send you the perfect lingerie that will be yours!

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