If you have a small tummy, what panties do you wear?

Many of us girls have a problem: a tight stomach. After all, not everyone 
has the opportunity and time (and most importantly - the desire) to constantly 
do physical exercises and monitor nutrition. What do we do? Call for help 
corrective underwear. It will tighten our figure with you and emphasize our
 silhouette. To disguise your tummy, choose high-rise panties. You can still
 wear tights with a dragging effect.

And the well-known body is also great to help deal with the problem. 
But, girls, choose carefully - you should be comfortable and comfortable, 
your underwear should not overstretch your beloved belly and cause discomfort. 
And also, girls, I tell myself and you again and again, it is imperative to
 monitor our posture. Because when we stoop, we look unsure of ourselves, and
 visually add a couple more kg. So we walk straight and keep our back straight.
 I wish all of us to be the most beautiful and beloved.

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