How to take measurements

merki - How to take measurements


In order for the underwear to sit well on you, the most important thing is to take measurements correctly. Measurements are best done in a bra without push-ups and without foam, standing upright. A centimeter tape fits snugly to the body.


1.Volume under the breast – measure under the breast, standing straight.

2. Breast volume – a centimeter tape passes through the most convex point of the chest.

3. Thigh volume – a centimeter tape runs along the most convex part of the hips.

4. Waist – measured by the narrowest waist area.


The size of the bra is determined by the number and letter.

The figure is the girth under the chest in centimeters.

The letter is the size of the bra cup.

When taking measurements, look at our table of conformity of the sizes and define the necessary size.