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How to choose linen for clothes (what to wear)

How to choose underwear for clothes Girls, do you know how to choose the right underwear for clothes? Let’s understand. Let’s talk about this in detail. After all, it’s important not only to be able to choose the right underwear, but you also need to wear it correctly. Have you ever noticed this: a bra with ruffles shines under the clothes, and thongs peek out from under the low-rise jeans? It’s warm autumn now. What can we choose for a T-shirt, thin golfik, closed tight-fitting dress, skirt or pants made of thin fabric?

The ideal solution would be seamless linen. But the bra is better to choose closed.
 What kind of model of panties to choose - it all depends on your buttocks
 (thongs, thongs). that will make you perfect from the end of your ribs to your
Under the dress with a deep neckline you can choose a bra with ruffles, which 
will look flirtatious from under the neckline, or a silicone bra. Here you can
 not do without a transformer bra, you can fasten his straps in different 
positions. Or, as an option, a bra with a T-shaped back, its shoulder straps 
crossed on the back from above.
What do you think we will wear under white or transparent clothes? 
A common mistake made by many women is that they wear white underwear under
 white clothing. This is absolutely wrong, because then white underwear will 
be very noticeable! And dark or black underwear looks worse. But there is a way out! It is linen of beige (flesh) color. By the way, all over the world it is linen of this color that is considered universal. Well, how else? After all, it is the color of our skin. And it can be put on almost any clothes!
Under the top of the thin straps put on a contrasting color bra, or the same 
color as the top. The main thing - that under the top was not faded, stretched 
and "tired" of frequent washing of the straps. Just make sure that they do not
 split your buttocks in half and are not visible at all under the clothes.

Под короткую юбку или платье лучше будет надеть слипы, бикини или шортики. Это будет служить дополнительной страховкой от всяческих сюрпризов типа сильных порывов ветра.

Under a strapless open dress, wear a bustier, corset, or bra. 
By the way there will also be a silicone bust. I really hope that these tips
 will come in handy! And remember, the main thing is to love yourself and pamper 
yourself more often!

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