How many sets of underwear should a woman have?

Girls, what do you think, how much linen should we have at least in order 
for us to be satisfied?
 Many of us, unfortunately, almost always fill our underwear with holes.
 To avoid this, it would be nice to have at least 5-7 sets of good linen 
in our wardrobe. Of these, 3-4 bras for every day, one - lace, 
one - with straps on the back, one - strapless.
 And here in the book of Jenny Levin “Harpers Bazaar.
 Great style ”contains a list of what clothes must be present in our wardrobe:
 beige (flesh-colored) bra; 
- black bra; - strapless bra; 
- bra with a T-like back; 
- transformer bra; - deep-cut bra; 
- super-sexy bra and panties; 
- two sports bras - panties for each bra; 
- three additional pairs of super-sexy panties.
 And what do you think of this list? Do you agree with him?
By the way, I don’t advise washing your bra daily, because it will 
lose its appearance very quickly and you will be forced to buy a 
new set of underwear again. I wish you, dear girls, to always be the most 
charming and beautiful!

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