silk - What and what we sew

What and what we sew

We want to tell you a little what kind of linen and from what 
types of fabrics we sew. We think it will be interesting and useful for 
you to find out about this. Let's move from simple to complex. Let's talk about
 home clothes. These include pajamas, bathrobes, knitted sets. Let's start with 
the pajamas. They occupy a special place in our life, because we sleep in pajamas.
And a dream is first of all a rest and comfort of our organism. 
It should be comfortable for us, and in winter it should also be warm in pajamas. 
The main fabrics that we use for pajamas: cotton knitwear, insulated knitwear, 
fleece. In children's pajamas, we often use appliques, because children 
love everything beautiful and interesting. They are very popular with their
favorite cartoon characters. It is very important what print is applied to the 
fabric. Your mood will depend on this.
You can also sleep in linen from satin, silk. 
This underwear is more comfortable in the warm season. 
Next, we will talk about bathrobes, as they are an integral part of our life. 
After a shower it’s nice to wrap yourself in a bathrobe so that it is warm and 
comfortable. And in the mornings, especially in the summer, a satin bathrobe 
remains popular. Now there is a huge variety of prints on fabrics: peas, flowers,
 abstraction, etc. All that the soul desires. It remains to choose the style you 
need, tell us about it, wait a bit, and voila - the dressing gown is ready !!!!
Many people like to go around the house in knitted sets: T-shirts, 
t-shirts, shorts, pants. Cotton knitwear is very comfortable, and sets
 of it remain the leaders among our customers. Such sets are almost always
 processed with a knitted inlay, which can be either in tone with the product 
or in contrast.
Now let's move on to the most basic, and most important part of
 our conversation: to lace underwear. It can be very diverse: frame and 
frameless bras, all kinds of underpants, bralettes, T-shirts, etc.
 Every year, more and more new models of underwear appear in the trend. 
For example, this year lace bralettes are in fashion, Chantilly items are
 especially popular.
In order to make your bra perfect for you, you need to take into account 
the features of your figure, as well as pay special attention to the model 
of the future bra, fabric, frames, cups and accessories. We always help you 
make the right choice. After all, your mood will depend on how comfortable 
it will be for you in a bra. And even such a seemingly trifle as a bra clasp 
also matters. We have a pretty good selection of fabrics, lace and accessories.
We give preference to natural fabrics. But the main types of fabrics 
from which we sew bras remain: elastic lace, cotton knitwear, mesh. 
In more detail about how to choose a bra, we will talk in a separate article. 
And so, come to us, and we will reveal to you the secrets of high-quality and 
beautiful linen.


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