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  • IMG 20180910 190249 335 1 870x696 - How many sets of underwear should a woman have?

    How many sets of underwear should a woman have?

    Girls, what do you think, how much linen should we have at least in order for us to be satisfied? Many of us, unfortunately, almost always fill our underwear with holes. To avoid this, it would be nice to have at least 5-7 sets of good linen in our wardrobe. Of these, 3-4 bras for
  • If you have a small tummy, what panties do you wear?

    Many of us girls have a problem: a tight stomach. After all, not everyone has the opportunity and time (and most importantly - the desire) to constantly do physical exercises and monitor nutrition. What do we do? Call for help corrective underwear. It will tighten our figure with you and emphasize our silhouette. To disguise
  • halatyinochnushky - About Sleepwear

    About Sleepwear

    When the day is nearing completion, and you can allow yourself to relax with your hair down, you still want to remain sexy and feminine, even without heels and make-up. If you are still sleeping in an old stretched T-shirt or pajamas of a hundred years ago, then it’s time to thoroughly clean your wardrobe
  • DSC 8016 870x696 - How to choose linen for clothes (what to wear)

    How to choose linen for clothes (what to wear)

    How to choose underwear for clothes Girls, do you know how to choose the right underwear for clothes? Let’s understand. Let’s talk about this in detail. After all, it’s important not only to be able to choose the right underwear, but you also need to wear it correctly. Have you ever noticed this: a bra
  • 3284 2 666x696 - How to choose the right lingerie

    How to choose the right lingerie

    Of course, when we go to a lingerie store to choose something interesting, we see a variety of lace, silk, satin.Our head is spinning. However, first of all, the linen should still be comfortable, it should not rub. We should feel comfortable in it. Therefore, linen made of natural fabrics occupies the first place. Since