• 3035 1 870x696 - What color to choose?

    What color to choose?

    Let's find out which color is best for you? The choice of lingerie color should be taken very seriously. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the main "running" colors in lingerie are white, black and flesh. According to experts, black and white colors look to everyone. Because white is a neutral color, it is
  • 5006 1 683x696 - How to choose the right pajamas for your baby

    How to choose the right pajamas for your baby

    Well, here comes the autumn cold. And soon the New Year holidays. When it is cold, many of us parents begin to think: how to choose the right pajamas for your baby? First of all, it should be remembered that in toddlers, the mechanism of heat transfer ends very late, the children freeze quickly and
  • How to pick the perfect shorts

    To be irreplaceable, you have to change all the time. Coco Chanel How to find the perfect pantsDear girls, what kind of pants do you prefer? And does each of you know the exact size of your underpants? Let me remind you how to know your size. So, let's take a centimeter tape, measure the
  • 3150 1 646x696 - How to choose the perfect bra for you

    How to choose the perfect bra for you

    Let's figure out, first of all, why we need him - such a perfect bra? First of all, it is necessary to prevent the chest from wobbling when you make active movements; it helps to keep the posture, and even slender! It also solves some problems: if you do not have a breast at all,
  • silk 870x696 - What and what we sew

    What and what we sew

    We want to tell you a little what kind of linen and from what types of fabrics we sew. We think it will be interesting and useful for you to find out about this. Let's move from simple to complex. Let's talk about home clothes. These include pajamas, bathrobes, knitted sets. Let's start with the