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Lingerie is not much?

Lingerie is not much? 
Our greetings to everyone. 
After a short break, we're back to talking on our blog.
 Personally, I have long been interested in the question: how much 
lingerie should each woman have on average to be comfortable at all times? 
I know many of my acquaintances (and that sin is concealed there, the same) 
who literally wear linen. Let's figure it out. Well, the fact that a couple of
 bras (and preferably 3-4) for every day should be, no doubt. There should also
 be a lace bra, and more - strapless (to put it on an open dress or something), 
one with a strap on the back.
Jenny Levin in her book Harpers Bazaar.
 Wonderful Style "listed a slightly different list of
 what every woman should have in her wardrobe:
 - bodysuit;
 - black bra;
 - strapless bra; 
- bra with T-back; 
- transformer bra; 
- bra for a deep neckline; 
- supersexual bra and panties; 
- two sports bras; 
- three pairs of panties for each bra; 
- three extra pairs of supersexual panties. 
What do you think? 

Do you agree with this list?

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