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Asset 7 - About us

Dear women,

Let’s get acquainted. Lublyana is an atelier for individual sewing of lingerie. We are a Ukrainian brand that was created to bring pleasure and comfort to women. We are located in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

The idea of ​​creation arose a long time ago, and was realized in June 2017. It turns out that there are a fairly large number of women who can’t practically pick up their underwear in stores due to the features of their figure, personal preferences, inaccessible prices, etc. Here we come to the rescue!

Our goal is that every woman – our client becomes a little happier.

We pay great attention to the quality of tailoring, fabrics and accessories. The prices of our products are honest, fair and real. Our team sews all our products as soon as possible, each order is carefully packed in our original packaging and sent to our customers.

The range of our work is quite wide: these are lace underwear sets, wireframe bras, knitted sleep sets, night shirts, home dressing gowns, various types of underpants: thongs, slip-ons, shorts, underpants on knobs, sewing in the style of Family look, etc. Recently we started sew sets of underwear, pajamas for our smallest clients – children of preschool and primary school age.

Lublyana actively cooperates with all our customers around the world. The main thing is the right measurements! We quite often present our products at exhibitions, fairs, women’s festivals, take part in fashion shows.

To date, all our customers are satisfied with the work of the studio. We respect each of our customers with great respect and love. Our team will gladly fulfill any of your orders for individual tailoring. Our motto: «Be different with Lublyana!”.